How Anti Static Bubble Wrap Works

We have all heard the term anti static.  We also all know what static electricity is.  However, have you ever slowed down and wondered how anti static properties work?  What makes anti static bubble wrap anti static?  The cool pink color?  And where do I go about ordering this stuff? Not to worry, because I am going to give you folks a little anti static informational lesson today.

Anti static bubble wrap, in particular, is composed of two layers of low density polyethylene.  The bubble wrap itself is slightly conductive, and forms a Faraday Cage around the items being protected.  A Faraday Cage is basically a shield around an object made from conductive material in order to ward off external static and non-static electric fields by funneling the electricity around the object, but not through the object itself.  The anti static bubble wrap is composed of a material that is slightly conductive and works in two parts.  The hydrophobic side, or the side closest to the object works by collaborating with the surface of the material on the object. The hydrophilic side collaborates with the moisture in the air and confines the water molecules.  The two parts work hand in hand, and ward off any damaging static electricity from the object being packaged- such as a cell phone or a computer.  If there is static electricity interference, especially with electronic objects, damage to the product can happen.

Now that you understand how it works, what is the best place to order it? The folks at understand the importance of anti static bubble wrap and the wide use of it, especially amidst packing and shipping companies that deal with electronic equipment.  Anti static bubble wrap is one amongst over 5,000 other unique and hard to find packing and shipping supplies offered on the site.  You can choose from two bubble sizes: 3/16” thick or 1/2” thick. All rolls are 12” wide and you can choose from two lengths: 62.5’ or 150’. It is as inexpensive as $10.80 per roll.  You will not find prices that low at a local office or shipping store.  Order from where the quality of the product is high and 100% customer satisfaction is the goal of the company.  98% of their items are in stock and ready to ship, so if you place your order before 1PM EST, it will be shipped out the same day.


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