What does Packaging Material Consist Of?

Packaging MaterialWhen you hear the term ‘packaging material’, what comes to mind? Is it one specific thing?  For me, what comes to mind is brown paper that is stuffed into boxes to help fill out the extra space in order to protect the item(s) being shipped.  In all reality, however, packaging material is far more than just brown paper.  The term packaging material is a category that encompasses a huge variety of items, all used to, you guessed it: pack things and ship them.  This could be anything from brown paper to boxes to tape to bubble wrap.

PackagingSupplies.com is a huge online retailer that offers over 5,000 hard to find and unique packing and shipping supplies.  They have a wide variety of boxes, including standard moving boxes, corrugated boxes, plastic bin boxes, jewelry boxes, candy boxes, donut boxes, and so on.  Their shipping envelopes include bubble mailers, padded mailers, stay flat rigid mailers, and poly envelopes among others.  PackagingSupplies.com offers every type of tape you can think of, including masking, duct, painting, packing, etc.  More packaging material offered on the site includes bubble wrap & foam, mailing tubes, food packaging, bags, CD & DVD packaging, strapping, labels, protective paper, and other miscellaneous items.


The best part about the site is that they keep 98% of their items in stock and ready to ship.  If you place your order before 1 PM EST, your shipment will be sent out the exact same day.  The customer service team is extremely friendly and are available M-F from 8a-5p to answer any questions you may have or help you with your order.  You might even be eligible for additional discounts, so do not hesitate to ask.  The site provides high quality packaging and shipping materials for affordable pricing.  Any packaging material you can imagine will most likely be found on this site.  You will save more money than you would shopping on other online retailers such as amazon, and absolutely more money than you would save in the store.  No need go out of your way in search of unique and hard to find items; you can run a quick search at the top right on the home page.  So whatever type of packaging material you are in search of, head to PackagingSupplies.com to find it, place your order, and receive in a very fashionable manner.


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