Candy Boxes for Holiday Gifts

Candy BoxesSharon Jean had an incredible idea for the holidays.  She was going to save money and at the same time show off her ingenuity and crafty-ness by making chocolates for her coworkers.  Because after all, you can only get so many tin cans of tri-flavored popcorn and weird stale cookies.  Homemade chocolates would be the perfect gifts for her coworkers.  Not too personal, not too expensive, and sure to meet HR standards.  She immediately began Pinterest-ing recipes and setting out to become the next best thing to Hershey’s.

Once Sharon had gathered all of her supplies in order to make the chocolates, she realized she was missing out on a very important item: candy boxes.  After more research she discovered she would need to get a special kind of candy box: windowed candy boxes.  These are the boxes with separated squares so you can mix and match flavors.  She would also need candy pads and layer boards.  Technically she could probably get by with the standard single piece candy boxes, but she did not want to deliver just any chocolate adorned box.  It needed to be perfect.  She may or may not have been trying to simultaneously land a promotion at work.  Luckily for Sharon Jean, she came across a site called that offered all of her candy making packaging needs. offers all sorts of packing and shipping supplies.  They have up to 5,000 unique and hard to find items.  They offer standard candy boxes (single and 2-piece), windowed candy boxes (single and 2-piece), truffle boxes, candy trays, candy pads, candy layer boards, and candy cups.  Sharon Jean had a blast picking out all of her candy packaging on this site.  Not only would her chocolates taste like they were professionally made, but they would look the part too.  She had a few questions and the customer service team was eager and friendly to help.  Sharon found out that 98% of their items are in stock and ready to ship.  She placed her order before 1PM EST and the customer service representative guaranteed that her items would be shipped out the same day.  Now she wouldn’t have to put her candy making on too long of a hold!  She could not wait to package up all of her tasty treats and see the look on her coworker’s faces.


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