Multiple Uses for Bin Liners

Bin Liners. jpgBin liners, in case you had not heard, are large plastic bags designed to fit perfectly inside gaylords.  What is a gaylord, you ask?  Not a Focker.  Gaylord is a term used for triple-walled corrugated cardboard boxes.  Basically the big heavy duty boxes used by packing and shipping  companies to distribute goods across the world.  You cannot be sending pallets full of beverages in flimsy boxes that get dented by a large gust of wind, know what I mean? Bin liners are inserted into the gaylords to protect them from dust, insects, and moisture.  This is just an extra form of protection to make sure that the goods being transported arrive in one safe piece.

Fear not, fellow bin liner consumers, for bin liners can be used for far more than lining gaylords.  Although this is their original design and probably their widest use, they can also be used in your own home.  Think about your recycling bins.  How nice does the inside of them stay?  If yours are anything like mine, they probably have residue from the items you put in them (think orange juice droplets, crumbs, and so forth).  They also probably have insects, potential dirt, etc.  All normal things from sitting outside and being exposed to weather, bugs, animals, and so forth.  How often do you think to yourself, “I cannot wait to clean the inside of my recycling bins today!”?  Probably not often.  A solution: bin liners.  Instead of having to take a bottle of 409 to your recycling bins, line them with bin liners! Protect them from the goo left by your recycled items as well as bugs, dirt, and rain.  All you will have to do is switch them out, and obviously recycle the used one!  It is a win win situation.

Head to to purchase bin liners.  You can choose from over 75 different sizes.  They come in roll form with perforated lines to tear off each bin liner.  Choose from as little as 20 per roll or as great as 200 per roll.  Whatever your bin liner need is, has the solution.  Place your order before 1PM EST, and it will be shipped out the same day.  This is because the site keeps 98% of their items in stock and ready to ship at any given time.  Have a question?  No problem.  The customer service team will be eager to help and can be reached M-F from 8a-5p.  Don’t waste anymore time, and grab some bin liners for your gaylords, recycle bins, or both! Fun tip: you can also order gaylords galore at


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