Choosing Tape: Packaging Tape vs. Other Tapes

Packaging TapeTape, tape, tape.  If you say it or type it enough times, it will start to sound and look funny.  Almost like it is not a real word.  Although we all know what tape is, we are not all educated in what tape should be used for what, i.e. when to use packaging tape over other types of tape.  You might think that duct tape is the best option for any and all projects.  Just because they made an entire aisle out of it at Michaels as well as created it in every possible pattern, it just isn’t the case.  You might even be one of those people who spell it ‘duck tape’.  If you are either of these people, I am not making fun.  I am just proving my point.

There are four main types of tape: packaging tape, scotch tape, masking tape, and duct tape.  Sometimes the term packaging tape can throw people off.  They may think this is a general term that includes duct tape and masking tape.  Do not fall into this dangerous trap, my friends; for packaging tape is its own category, and it is designed to do just that: package things.  It is a pressure sensitive tape and normally clear or tan.  It comes in two widths: 2” and 3”.  Packaging tape should be chosen over other types of tape, including both masking and duct when sealing boxes for shipment. The reason for this is because it is extremely strong and durable, and nearly impossible to tear by hand.  Masking tape is designed more for painting projects, as it is easily pealed away.  Duct tape can be easily torn apart, so it will not do the best job in keeping the box shut.  And scotch tape, well let’s be honest.  If you use normal office scotch tape to seal a box, then you might have a few screws loose upstairs.

If you need to purchase a good quality packaging tape, head to  Not only are they an online retailer of over 5,000 unique and hard to find packing and shipping supplies, but they offer the widest variety of packaging tape.  Choose between 2” or 3” widths as well as numerous lengths.  You can get either light or heavy duty, and they are made to fit in all standard tape guns due to their 3” diameter core.  98% of the site’s products are in stock and ready to ship, so place your order before 1PM EST to have it shipped out the same day.  Make sure you are choosing the appropriate tape for the appropriate need, and secure your shipments with high quality and affordable packaging tape from


2 thoughts on “Choosing Tape: Packaging Tape vs. Other Tapes

  1. […] Packaging tape was designed to assist in the packaging of items prior to shipment.  Whoever named it thought really hard ahead of time, and they think super outside of the box as well.  As you may imagine, packaging tape is used most widely in the packaging and shipping industry.  However, do not be fooled.  Although its widest use is amongst these types of companies, it does not mean that it is limited to only packaging and shipping.  Oh no, my friend.  Not at all. […]


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