The Value of Using Plastic Corner Protectors

Plastic Corner ProtectorsRaise your hand if you have ever made the sad mistake of not using plastic corner protectors when transporting an item that clearly needed them.  Also, if you are in the packing and shipping industry you are not allowed to raise your hand.  If you did, then you should be ashamed of yourself because that should be a given.  Plastic corner protectors are fancy, L-shaped pieces of plastic that do exactly that: protect your corners.  It protects the items from the straps that are applied as well as to keep them from shifting during transportation.

My husband and I braved the public one very early, early, early, Black Friday morning in order to go purchase our first king sized mattress.  Did I mention it was early? After some back and forth discussion with the very persistent sales person, we finally decided on the bed.  We loaded the mattress into the trunk of our truck, strapped it down, and were on our way.  At the time we lived in Indiana.  So if you have any idea where on the map it is, you understand that on Black Friday there is a 99.9% chance of it being freezing outside.  On that day, not only was it freezing, but it was extremely windy and snowing.  We had to take a back country road to get home.  As we were winding through the cornfields, the wind decided he did not like the mattress in the back of our truck, and he decided to blow the new mattress into the cornfield.  When we turned around to check on our mattress and saw it was not there, we were horrified.  After turning around and doing a search and rescue mission to find our mattress, and then hoisting it back into the truck bed amidst the wind and snow, we realized we should have come more prepared and brought plastic corner protectors from

The plastic corner protectors would have prevented the mattress from shifting where the strap was unable to hold the mattress in place on our cold, windy drive.  We learned our lesson, and now understand the huge value behind the small, plastic goods.  Place your order for plastic corner protectors at  Choose from 2 sizes and order in bulk to make the cost as little as 5 cents a piece.  Do not make the same mistake we did!