The Best Place to Find Cheap Bubble Mailers

We all know where to buy packing materials.  It is common sense: USPS, UPS, FedEx, Office Max, etc.  Hashtag: DUH.  However, do we all know where to find them for the best possible pricing? I am going to go off on a wild hare here and assume that probably not.  This assumption is based on my own experience with the discovery of cheap bubble mailers in a store I did not expect to find bubble mailers in.

One day, about 7 years ago (what a youngster I was), I was cruising the aisles of Target.  Now, I am sure all of you understand the allure of Target.  Right when you walk in your nostrils are immediately met with the scent of Starbucks and fresh popped popcorn.  Does it get any better than that?  (Maybe if they had a bar it would.)  So, I was multitasking between sipping my latte and munching on popcorn when I came to the home office section.  I normally skipped this section because at the time I did not work from home, and the thought of a home office was nauseating.  A particular ToDo pad of paper caught my eye so I found myself in aisle G13 and lo and behold, there they were.  Bubble mailers.  Cheap bubble mailers.  I immediately thought to myself, “The joke is most certainly on me, because every time I need to mail something in a bubble mailer I just buy one in line at the post office.  And I normally spend just as much money on the stupid mailer that I did on what I was mailing!”.  I felt like my whole life was a lie, and everyone was keeping this secret from me.  No longer would I ever donate pieces of my soul to the post office by purchasing their overpriced products.  Target would be my go-to for shipping supplies, until……

Until the day that my BFF Google landed me on a site called  The site has over 5,000 hard to find packing and shipping supplies at extremely affordable prices. Although I will continue going to Target for coffee and movie theater snacks, never again will I purchase any shipping materials there.  Because the best place to find cheap bubble mailers is  You can choose from a gazillion sizes, different quantities, self seal or not self seal, and even decorative cheap bubble mailers.  Doesn’t get much more affordable than that.