Enlightened by Chipboard Boxes

Chipboard BoxesDo you ever sometimes in your mind refer to certain things a certain way, but they are kind of hard to verbalize?  It makes sense in your head, so it really doesn’t matter whether or not you can say it out loud? And then one day, out of nowhere, you learn the term for whatever that thing was and suddenly you feel enlightened and slightly smarter?  In the end, that piece of information is relatively useless, but at least it is a new fun fact learned.  Let me give you a personal example.  The boxes that are commonly used to package gifts.  In my mind this is how I think of them: they are not technically cardboard, however they are sturdier than paper.  They have fancy little tabs on the sides that allow them to fold and lock together.  What do you call them? Gift boxes? I guess you could call them a gift box, but then again they are used for so many other things as well; not just gifts.  They are often used to package cakes and other baked goods.  They are also the same type of boxes used to hold business cards.  Cupcake boxes?  Business card boxes?  There must be a name for these boxes that encompass all of these uses under one category.  Kind of like cardboard box.  We all know what they are immediately when you say the words, and we all understand there are a ton of uses for them.

I guess I never really needed to know how to refer to these mysterious foldable boxes.  I would get along fine without knowing and probably still do pretty well in the world.  However, the day arrived when I found out their name: chipboard boxes.  What comes to mind when you hear the word chipboard? I personally think of wood chips or a box made out of cork board (I guess because it has kind of a wood chip like appearance).  Anyways, now I am enlightened.  I now know how to properly refer to a foldable paper box.  Paper that is strong, yet not strong enough to be considered cardboard.  A paper box that can hold so many items, such as gifts, business cards, and baked goods.  I now feel slightly smarter with my new piece of useless knowledge.  I cannot wait to use the term chipboard box in normal conversation, and no one will probably know what I am talking about.

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