Food Storage Containers For Outdoor Events

Food Storage ContainersHave you ever been to or hosted a fundraising event? A common event used to raise thousands of dollars each year is Race For the Cure, to give you an example.  People sign up from all over the place to run a 5K in order to raise money for medical research in order to cure breast cancer.  Events like these often have outdoor tents and various activities for people to enjoy after the race.  Common outdoor tents include food and beverage tents.  And lets be honest, besides the obvious good cause everyone is gathering around for, what attracts people to these types of things? Food! Everyone loves food. Whether its free food or cheap popcorn stands, it is one thing we can all agree on.

At outdoor events such as fundraisers, fairs, amusement parks, etc. paper plates are often used to distribute the food.  People are walking around without paying attention and their corn on the cob rolls right off the plate.  You know what I mean?  These types of people are normally the same ones who bump into you and literally do not even notice they just body slammed a stranger and they just keep walking.  These are also the types of people who stand in the middle of busy walkways without a care in the world. At the end of the night the poor janitors are left cleaning up sticky elephant ears and half eaten corn dogs from people with poor balance and zero self-awareness.  A brilliant way to cut down on the mess at outdoor events is through the use of food storage containers with lids.  If you hand out the food this way, it will be much more contained and Sloppy Joe can make it to his picnic bench without leaving a trail of food behind him.

Get your food storage containers for your outdoor event at  You can choose between plastic, Styrofoam, aluminum, and paper.  You can select from various size options, even ones designed for specific foods (i.e. sub sandwich food containers). Order in bulk to cut down on costs, and place your order before 1PM EST to have it shipped out the same day.  At you can rest assured you are getting the best quality for the most affordable prices. Keep your event as clean as possible, and cut down on the mess with food storage containers.