Bin Liners for Gaylord Protection

Bin Liners. jpgA gaylord is not a regular box, it’s a cool box (Mean Girls anyone?).  It is a box made out of corrugated cardboard.  Corrugated cardboard is composed of three layers of paper: inside liner, outside liner, and corrugated medium (or fluting) that runs in the middle.  The fluting is what provides an immense amount of strength to the cardboard.  Gaylord boxes are tougher than ordinary cardboard boxes, due to their corrugated walls.  They cannot be easily torn, bent, or damaged.  And as you probably know, boxes go through quite a journey to get from point A to point B.  Now you will have something interesting to talk about on your next Tinder date.  It will either make you look smart, or weird.  Either way, you will stand out.

Gaylord boxes are utilized heavily in the packaging and shipping industry.  They are used to transport heavy materials, and often from big suppliers to retail stores.  They can transport just about anything: food, beverages, electronic goods, clothing, and so forth.  No matter what it is they contain, it is always a good idea to protect the contents through the use of a bin liner.  A bin liner is a piece of plastic designed to specifically go inside the gaylord to protect the sides and bottom.  Bin liners will keep the contents nice and dry, dust free, and most importantly: vermin free.  Nothing worse than receiving a box only to see the bottom corners have been chewed through and now the coke cans are being used as a breeding ground for bugs and small rodents. Truly, I cannot think of anything worse.

Head to to find a multitude of bin liners and gaylord boxes.  Choose from over 75 sizes of bin liners, sure to fit any corrugated box you have.  They come by the roll, and each bag is conveniently perforated to dispense easily.  The gussetted sides allow you to easily slide over the box.  In addition to bin liners and boxes, offers over 5,000 other unique and hard to find packing and shipping supplies.  98% of their items are in stock and ready to go, so place your order before 1PM EST to have it shipped out the same day.  You will be guaranteed to find the best quality and most affordable prices on this site to suit any of your packing and shipping needs, so head to to grab some bin liners for your gaylord protection.


Where to Buy a Strapping Cart

Strapping CartWhen you have a copious amount of steel strapping and nowhere to put it, what do you do? Do you make nice stacks of it in the corner?  Wrong, unless it is trending. Most people opt for a steel strapping cart.  Not only will your strapping cart nicely organize and carry your rolls of steel strapping, but it will also dispense it for you.  Free corner space, organization, and a method of dispensing.  Sounds like a win win to me.  However, where does one purchase a steel strapping cart?

If you are in the packing and shipping industry, perhaps you know of stores that secretly sell these types of things.  If you are a regular person like me, then you have no idea where on earth you would obtain such an item.  And if stores are secretly selling them, it is most certainly a secret, because I do not recall ever getting a strapping cart coupon in the mail or seeing them in the aisles.  Perhaps they are not secret, and I just do not pay attention.  Either way, the question still remains.  Where do I buy a strapping cart?

I did some research, and found the best place to purchase high quality and affordable strapping carts. is an online retailer that features over 5,000 unique and hard to find packing and shipping supplies.  They have three different types of strapping carts: economy, heavy duty, and deluxe.  The economy strapping cart has a trap for strapping seals and tools as well as 6” diameter wheels that were designed to use with oscillated wound steel strapping (google it) and poly strapping.  The heavy duty strapping cart also has a tray for strapping seals and tools and is equipped for both oscillated wound and poly strapping, but with 10” diameter wheels.  The deluxe strapping cart has a tray for seals and tools, 8” diameter wheels, as well as a strap troller/brake.  All three of these strapping carts can be easily purchased on the site, and if the order is placed before 1PM EST, it will be shipped out the same day.  This is because keeps 98% of their items in stock and ready to ship.  The customer service team is extremely friendly and knowledgable, so if you have any questions do not hesitate to reach out.  They are available M-F from 8a-5p.  Look no further if you need a strapping cart for your steel strapping, and head to

Multiple Uses for Bin Liners

Bin Liners. jpgBin liners, in case you had not heard, are large plastic bags designed to fit perfectly inside gaylords.  What is a gaylord, you ask?  Not a Focker.  Gaylord is a term used for triple-walled corrugated cardboard boxes.  Basically the big heavy duty boxes used by packing and shipping  companies to distribute goods across the world.  You cannot be sending pallets full of beverages in flimsy boxes that get dented by a large gust of wind, know what I mean? Bin liners are inserted into the gaylords to protect them from dust, insects, and moisture.  This is just an extra form of protection to make sure that the goods being transported arrive in one safe piece.

Fear not, fellow bin liner consumers, for bin liners can be used for far more than lining gaylords.  Although this is their original design and probably their widest use, they can also be used in your own home.  Think about your recycling bins.  How nice does the inside of them stay?  If yours are anything like mine, they probably have residue from the items you put in them (think orange juice droplets, crumbs, and so forth).  They also probably have insects, potential dirt, etc.  All normal things from sitting outside and being exposed to weather, bugs, animals, and so forth.  How often do you think to yourself, “I cannot wait to clean the inside of my recycling bins today!”?  Probably not often.  A solution: bin liners.  Instead of having to take a bottle of 409 to your recycling bins, line them with bin liners! Protect them from the goo left by your recycled items as well as bugs, dirt, and rain.  All you will have to do is switch them out, and obviously recycle the used one!  It is a win win situation.

Head to to purchase bin liners.  You can choose from over 75 different sizes.  They come in roll form with perforated lines to tear off each bin liner.  Choose from as little as 20 per roll or as great as 200 per roll.  Whatever your bin liner need is, has the solution.  Place your order before 1PM EST, and it will be shipped out the same day.  This is because the site keeps 98% of their items in stock and ready to ship at any given time.  Have a question?  No problem.  The customer service team will be eager to help and can be reached M-F from 8a-5p.  Don’t waste anymore time, and grab some bin liners for your gaylords, recycle bins, or both! Fun tip: you can also order gaylords galore at

Candy Boxes for Holiday Gifts

Candy BoxesSharon Jean had an incredible idea for the holidays.  She was going to save money and at the same time show off her ingenuity and crafty-ness by making chocolates for her coworkers.  Because after all, you can only get so many tin cans of tri-flavored popcorn and weird stale cookies.  Homemade chocolates would be the perfect gifts for her coworkers.  Not too personal, not too expensive, and sure to meet HR standards.  She immediately began Pinterest-ing recipes and setting out to become the next best thing to Hershey’s.

Once Sharon had gathered all of her supplies in order to make the chocolates, she realized she was missing out on a very important item: candy boxes.  After more research she discovered she would need to get a special kind of candy box: windowed candy boxes.  These are the boxes with separated squares so you can mix and match flavors.  She would also need candy pads and layer boards.  Technically she could probably get by with the standard single piece candy boxes, but she did not want to deliver just any chocolate adorned box.  It needed to be perfect.  She may or may not have been trying to simultaneously land a promotion at work.  Luckily for Sharon Jean, she came across a site called that offered all of her candy making packaging needs. offers all sorts of packing and shipping supplies.  They have up to 5,000 unique and hard to find items.  They offer standard candy boxes (single and 2-piece), windowed candy boxes (single and 2-piece), truffle boxes, candy trays, candy pads, candy layer boards, and candy cups.  Sharon Jean had a blast picking out all of her candy packaging on this site.  Not only would her chocolates taste like they were professionally made, but they would look the part too.  She had a few questions and the customer service team was eager and friendly to help.  Sharon found out that 98% of their items are in stock and ready to ship.  She placed her order before 1PM EST and the customer service representative guaranteed that her items would be shipped out the same day.  Now she wouldn’t have to put her candy making on too long of a hold!  She could not wait to package up all of her tasty treats and see the look on her coworker’s faces.

Food Storage Containers For Outdoor Events

Food Storage ContainersHave you ever been to or hosted a fundraising event? A common event used to raise thousands of dollars each year is Race For the Cure, to give you an example.  People sign up from all over the place to run a 5K in order to raise money for medical research in order to cure breast cancer.  Events like these often have outdoor tents and various activities for people to enjoy after the race.  Common outdoor tents include food and beverage tents.  And lets be honest, besides the obvious good cause everyone is gathering around for, what attracts people to these types of things? Food! Everyone loves food. Whether its free food or cheap popcorn stands, it is one thing we can all agree on.

At outdoor events such as fundraisers, fairs, amusement parks, etc. paper plates are often used to distribute the food.  People are walking around without paying attention and their corn on the cob rolls right off the plate.  You know what I mean?  These types of people are normally the same ones who bump into you and literally do not even notice they just body slammed a stranger and they just keep walking.  These are also the types of people who stand in the middle of busy walkways without a care in the world. At the end of the night the poor janitors are left cleaning up sticky elephant ears and half eaten corn dogs from people with poor balance and zero self-awareness.  A brilliant way to cut down on the mess at outdoor events is through the use of food storage containers with lids.  If you hand out the food this way, it will be much more contained and Sloppy Joe can make it to his picnic bench without leaving a trail of food behind him.

Get your food storage containers for your outdoor event at  You can choose between plastic, Styrofoam, aluminum, and paper.  You can select from various size options, even ones designed for specific foods (i.e. sub sandwich food containers). Order in bulk to cut down on costs, and place your order before 1PM EST to have it shipped out the same day.  At you can rest assured you are getting the best quality for the most affordable prices. Keep your event as clean as possible, and cut down on the mess with food storage containers.

Why Pallet Covers are a Necessity

Pallet CoversPallet covers are a necessity in the packing and shipping industry.  A pallet cover is basically like a giant plastic bag with specific dimensions that is made to slide over a loaded pallet.  The pallet could contain anything: food, beverages, sod, pellet fuel, and basically any other type of good you can dream up. Pretty much everything is shipped on pallets because it is a convenient way to group together items for transportation and is moved via forklift.  I am going to tell you a sad tale of a man named Peter Scoots who made the regrettable decision to not utilize a pallet cover.

Peter Scoots was always known for his procrastination as well as his frugal lifestyle.  He basically coined the term ‘penny pinching’ as one time he was seen leaping into traffic to chase after a penny that flew out of his wife’s purse.  (How Peter landed a wife is beyond most people.)  Peter Scoots was raised in the Midwest and actually lived on a farm.  He was extremely conscientious of reusing items and recycling.  Now do not get Peter wrong, his recycling was not aimed at keeping our Earth green, rather it was solely for the purpose of saving money.  Although Peter had his quirks, he was actually a rather brilliant man.  He had several successful businesses in the farming industry.  A bit later in his life, after lots of farming experience, he realized that the production of pellet fuel could be his next viable business, seeing as pellet fuel is composed of biomass, and he had plenty of virgin lumber practically begging to be turned into pellet fuel.  It was at this time that Peter’s Pellets was born.

After his first shipment order was placed, Peter loaded up his pallets with the pellet fuel and sent it on its way to California.  Peter was so excited for his first shipment, that he did not go the extra mile to cover up his pellet fuel with pallet covers. To Peter’s horror he learned that there was a violent thunderstorm the truck driver drove through on his way from Iowa to California.  The pellets did not survive the heavy rain, and all of the wood soaked up the water.  Not only did the pellet fuel turn unusable, but it also became a breeding ground for insects. Peter, mortified at how much money he lost, had to replace the shipment.  This time, he took advice from his wife Nancy Scoots, and ordered pallet covers from  They had the exact dimension he was looking for and at reasonable prices.  He ordered before 1 PM EST, so his covers were shipped out the same day.  Although Peter learned his lesson the hard way, he was glad to have found a company that supplied products he needed at affordable prices.  Now Peter’s Pellets could adhere to his penny pinching lifestyle.

Enlightened by Chipboard Boxes

Chipboard BoxesDo you ever sometimes in your mind refer to certain things a certain way, but they are kind of hard to verbalize?  It makes sense in your head, so it really doesn’t matter whether or not you can say it out loud? And then one day, out of nowhere, you learn the term for whatever that thing was and suddenly you feel enlightened and slightly smarter?  In the end, that piece of information is relatively useless, but at least it is a new fun fact learned.  Let me give you a personal example.  The boxes that are commonly used to package gifts.  In my mind this is how I think of them: they are not technically cardboard, however they are sturdier than paper.  They have fancy little tabs on the sides that allow them to fold and lock together.  What do you call them? Gift boxes? I guess you could call them a gift box, but then again they are used for so many other things as well; not just gifts.  They are often used to package cakes and other baked goods.  They are also the same type of boxes used to hold business cards.  Cupcake boxes?  Business card boxes?  There must be a name for these boxes that encompass all of these uses under one category.  Kind of like cardboard box.  We all know what they are immediately when you say the words, and we all understand there are a ton of uses for them.

I guess I never really needed to know how to refer to these mysterious foldable boxes.  I would get along fine without knowing and probably still do pretty well in the world.  However, the day arrived when I found out their name: chipboard boxes.  What comes to mind when you hear the word chipboard? I personally think of wood chips or a box made out of cork board (I guess because it has kind of a wood chip like appearance).  Anyways, now I am enlightened.  I now know how to properly refer to a foldable paper box.  Paper that is strong, yet not strong enough to be considered cardboard.  A paper box that can hold so many items, such as gifts, business cards, and baked goods.  I now feel slightly smarter with my new piece of useless knowledge.  I cannot wait to use the term chipboard box in normal conversation, and no one will probably know what I am talking about.

If you are one of the rare, wise people who already knew what a chipboard box was, and you want to order some; or if after reading this riveting information it reminded you that you needed some boxes to mail your gifts in this year, head to to order brown or white chipboard boxes in multiple sizes.  They are super cheap and high quality.  Place your order before 1PM EST to be shipped out same day.