Why Pallet Covers are a Necessity

Pallet CoversPallet covers are a necessity in the packing and shipping industry.  A pallet cover is basically like a giant plastic bag with specific dimensions that is made to slide over a loaded pallet.  The pallet could contain anything: food, beverages, sod, pellet fuel, and basically any other type of good you can dream up. Pretty much everything is shipped on pallets because it is a convenient way to group together items for transportation and is moved via forklift.  I am going to tell you a sad tale of a man named Peter Scoots who made the regrettable decision to not utilize a pallet cover.

Peter Scoots was always known for his procrastination as well as his frugal lifestyle.  He basically coined the term ‘penny pinching’ as one time he was seen leaping into traffic to chase after a penny that flew out of his wife’s purse.  (How Peter landed a wife is beyond most people.)  Peter Scoots was raised in the Midwest and actually lived on a farm.  He was extremely conscientious of reusing items and recycling.  Now do not get Peter wrong, his recycling was not aimed at keeping our Earth green, rather it was solely for the purpose of saving money.  Although Peter had his quirks, he was actually a rather brilliant man.  He had several successful businesses in the farming industry.  A bit later in his life, after lots of farming experience, he realized that the production of pellet fuel could be his next viable business, seeing as pellet fuel is composed of biomass, and he had plenty of virgin lumber practically begging to be turned into pellet fuel.  It was at this time that Peter’s Pellets was born.

After his first shipment order was placed, Peter loaded up his pallets with the pellet fuel and sent it on its way to California.  Peter was so excited for his first shipment, that he did not go the extra mile to cover up his pellet fuel with pallet covers. To Peter’s horror he learned that there was a violent thunderstorm the truck driver drove through on his way from Iowa to California.  The pellets did not survive the heavy rain, and all of the wood soaked up the water.  Not only did the pellet fuel turn unusable, but it also became a breeding ground for insects. Peter, mortified at how much money he lost, had to replace the shipment.  This time, he took advice from his wife Nancy Scoots, and ordered pallet covers from PackagingSupplies.com.  They had the exact dimension he was looking for and at reasonable prices.  He ordered before 1 PM EST, so his covers were shipped out the same day.  Although Peter learned his lesson the hard way, he was glad to have found a company that supplied products he needed at affordable prices.  Now Peter’s Pellets could adhere to his penny pinching lifestyle.